Saturday, January 17, 2009


About 90% of the Barack gear actually peddled on the streets of D.C. is being purchased by Republicans to give as joke gifts to other Republicans. 

See, e.g., the "Everything Obama" store that sprang up recently in a basement at 15th and U. I stumbled on this establishment this morning on the way to brunch. Want a black baseball hat that says "OBAMA" on it in silver sequins? It's yours for $30. A bright yellow T-shirt with a photo-applique of a grinning Michelle that says "She's Our First Lady Now?" It's yours for $15. 

Also, I missed this phenomenon, but there were "Obama cookies" being sold outside my office at 12th and F on Wednesday for $2 apiece. I overheard a co-worker mention that the guy on the cookies doesn't even look much like Obama, but rather like "any generic black guy in a suit." I'm reminded of the Office episode in which Kelly crowed that her black boyfriend looked "just like Barack Obama!", when in fact he looks nothing like our President elect. But I digress.

But, really, are there actual Dems somewhere who think that this stuff is tasteful? Who would actually spend that kind of money for this stuff?

Also, I imagine this stuff is probably made in sweatshops in the Third World. By child labor, i.e. by people for whom making this stuff is their best option. I acknowledge, however, that my idiosyncratic minority views on "social justice" are a discussion for another day.

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