Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog titles that have gone to waste

1)There should be a media watchdog/political blog called In Medias Res. National Review calls its media blog simply The Media Blog, which I have always considered to be an unconscionable waste of a good title opportunity.

2)In honor of The New Pornographers song, there ought to be a left of center political blog called The Bleeding Heart Show. The left of center political posts should also be interspersed with commentary on indie music.

3)I have observed to Ilya before that he should have an individual blog called The Iliad. But, because he already has a group blog with lots of readers, he would never do it.

4)There should be a conservative political blog called A Series of Irritable Mental Gestures, after Lionel Trilling's line that conservatism is a series of mental gestures tending toward an idea. I've thought of naming this blog that, actually, but I already have a title.

What else am I missing?

1 comment:

  1. Self-interest or self-centered seems to be the main concern with most who do not understand Ayn Rand. Those who admire and criticize Ayn Rand’s beliefs about people who stand on their own feet often say she promoted selfishness, thereby greed, which is self-centered and anti-individual creativity. That is anti-Rand. Rand admired the creative individual, people like railroad builder James Jerome Hill, on whom she was reputed to have based her character Nathaniel Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. If we look at Howard Roark’s summation to the jury, from Fountainhead, we do not see a self-centered individual destroying his work. If he was greedy he would have simply accepted his payment. We see an other- and outer-centered individual in love with his own dreams and creations, as one would love a spouse, child or family and refuse to allow them to be assaulted. That is the kind of self-interest that built America. Though love for anything spiritual may be missing, a great idea or vision also measures up to that which is spiritual, beyond self, and that view is not that inconsistent with Christianity.