Monday, March 1, 2010

Things other people are writing about the Akaka bill

I am normally delicate about keeping my work life away from this forum. I recognize all too well that I'm prone to sticking my foot in my mouth. But I see little harm in linking to things that other people have said about my work projects. In that spirit, do go see see this editorial and Ilya's fine posts on same.

In that spirit, if I'm reticent in comments, it isn't from lack of devotion. It's because of, well, said well-documented tendency to stick foot in mouth.


  1. Apparently, all of us who support individual freedom, against the those who see community interests as more important, as does Obama, are sociopaths and libertarians. According the the few elite who would rule the many, psychopaths are individuals like Howard Roark (Fountainhead), and the pebble droppers who make waves and leave wakes as they create and challenge the accepted and established way things are laid out by the few who know best.

  2. Mr. Barham: look, I appreciate that you and I might share some overlapping principles. But I don't appreciate general comments about the evils of Obama that aren't related to the substance of my posts. Please understand that I'll delete any such comments that you leave in the future.