Monday, May 24, 2010

assorted frivolities

1. Visited the senior Archers this past weekend. Latest notes on the wedding industrial complex: Mama Archer tells me of her struggles to find an appropriate mother of the bride dress. "They all look... very Spanish Inquisition," she told me. "I feel like I'm dressed like a person in one of those Spanish paintings that I looked at in art history classes in college. It's like, here's me in my Spanish Inquisition outfit, here's Torquemada, there's the dead Jew." Pause. "You probably shouldn't quote this out of context. I might be misunderstood. I really wanted to say this to the salesclerks, too, but I'm sure that they' might have been insulted. Also, that they might not have understood." Relatedly, sometimes I suspect that my neuroses are not my fault.

2. Due to weight fluctuations (of the good kind), suddenly I can fit comfortably into a lot of wool skirts that I purchased c. 2004 and perhaps not much else. I apparently did not believe in buying clothes that were not wool skirts to be worn with tall boots back in 2004. While this development is flattering to my vanity, wool skirts were infinitely more useful in, like, Hanover six years ago than they are in D.C. in May. Still, I fear that this moment is likely to pass, and that I need to wear all of the wool skirts this week before it flees again. Except that the air conditioner in my office is not really functioning, which makes this plan even less practical that it sounded in the abstract. Oh well.

3. Should law schools give away the first year? Or, perhaps more precisely, let people walk away after 1L cost free, but charge them heftier prices over the second and third years? It's an interesting idea. It certainly would make attending a lower ranked school more attractive than it currently is -- if you do well and/or find something non-competitive you like, you can stick around. If you don't, you're essentially out only your opportunity cost for a year of not working. But at least you're not deeply in debt from the year.

4. Daria is on box DVD! (via) This is incredibly exciting, and I confess to being extravagant and shelling out $44 for a used copy on Amazon immediately. I fear my Pnin has not been introduced, and that he might need to be.

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