Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Notes on technology

1. I have an ipad! Yay for shiny objects. While I've posed this question on Facebook and thus gotten at least some responses from the same people who read this thing, can anyone recommend useful apps and the like? Particularly thoughts on uses for the i-pad as distinct from the i-phone would be helpful.

2. I learned recently that Facebook disabled the feature that let one message all guests invited to an event. Why, why, why? Normally, updating a website should not involve disabling things that were useful before, but should involve creating things that are potentially helpful. Pnin and I have a couple big parties/open houses every year, and it's useful to be able to message people a week or so before an event and remind them to RSVP. People totally intend to tell you that they're coming, but then forget. Also, if it's likely that there's going to be an issue with the weather, or if you need to send out messages about some other useful party detail, it's extremely helpful to be able to message everyone at once.

Instead, you can apparently write on the wall for the party. But this only reaches the people who have already agreed to come. It doesn't reach the f stragglers who have been forgetting to RSVP in the first place. I guess there might be people deluged with messages about events to which they were invited, but it seems like letting people mark those messages as spam or the like would be a more reasonable solution. Growl.

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