Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Because I am a shameless procrastinator...

I am overwhelmed with Russian and fellowship homework and do not time to write a real post, I pause to note my struggles with avocadoes.

I made a seven layer dip for a work event for Cinco de Mayo. It seemed to go over well, but the guacamole was thoroughly disappointing. The avocado remained stiff after a good twenty to thirty minutes of aggressive mashing, which can't be right. I know that I am a hopeless gringa-- I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town where we went to Chi-Chi's for "authentic" Mexican at the end of the year in fifth-grade Spanish, for heaven's sake-- so it's not surprising that I've hit this impasse. The only question is, what do I do to rectify it? Am I buying the wrong kind of avocadoes? Not using enough lime juice? Would putting them in a food processor help?

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