Monday, May 11, 2009

Founding Father Related Romantic Getaways

News that con law dorks can use.

1)First, the ultimate con law dork first date: Gunston Hall, home of George Mason. A beautifully restored plantation house, located about a forty-five minute drive from D.C., belonging to this important but often overlooked Founding Father. You and your first date can awkwardly make eyes while you follow a tour guide through the brick house. You can then walk around the outbuildings, shyly holding hands. Eventually, the two of you can look together over the Potomac.

2)For the ultimate con law dork romantic long weekend, Philadelphia. There are enough interesting sites to keep you busy for a good 2-3 days. There's Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Betsy Ross House. You can also visit the Constitution Center and dorkishly pose alongside your favorite Founding Father statues. Extra special bonus: you can debate the constitutionality of tour guide licensing requirements.

3)In a similar vein, I recommend Lexington, Massachusetts, site of the famed Revolutionary War battle. I hear it has a better minuteman statue than Concord.

4)And finally, the ultimate con law dork engagement site: James Madison's Montpelier. The house was recently restored after long years of ownership by the Dupont family, so it is not furnished as interestingly as the Mason house. The viewing deck is also somewhat less impressive. But the formal gardens are beautiful, as are the views of the Virginia horse country and the little temple. It may even double as a con law dork wedding site.

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