Thursday, October 8, 2009


1)This Prawfsblawg post about why magazine lists of "Best Places to Live" are based on fallacious economic reasoning was fantastic.

I have to confess, I was initially excited because most of the Prawfs contributors are left of center, and I thought it was exciting to see left-of-center types applying economic reasoning to everyday life. Then I looked up the author and figured out that he's a GMU prawf whom I'd just never met. I'm slightly disappointed that the gospel isn't spreading as rapidly as I'd hoped. But it was still a good post to add to my anti-suburbs files.

2)Popular career advice blogger tweets about having a miscarriage. It turns out that Trunk has Asperger's, which may explain her faux pas. Though I've internalized enough social norms to understand why twittering about this sort of thing would gross out many reasonable people, I score highly on Asperger's tests and thus have some empathy with Trunk's situation.

3)My friend Steven Menashi has an excellent essay on the Undead Constitution. You may also enter and explore the Menashiverse more fully at

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