Tuesday, June 29, 2010


1)Possibly best moment in Facebook or Twitter, ever: Cato has an intern named "Adam Smith" this year. Whenever he comes up to bat in their softball games, the other Cato interns apparently stand up and chant "Wealth of Nations" all together. One of them was Twittering this from the game. I don't know why I think this is approximately the most endearing thing ever, but I do.

2)I'm sort of sad that Elena Kagan did not refer to the Mets in her opening statement and thus forfeited a chance to go out with Craigslist Guy. I was kind of rooting for the dude. My intellectual interest in the rest of the hearings has now fallen off significantly. I realize that this may destroy whatever ounce of credibility I have left, but I don't really care.

3)Tyler Cowen has a post possibly for my anti-travel files.

4)Memo to Ross Douthat: my Ilya has the market cornered on writing about political ignorance.

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