Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short libertarians are nerdier than tall ones.

Friends who are planning to come to the exciting Archer/Pnin wedding, it's cool with me if you want to Twitter/Facebook/blog/whatever your way through my wedding. Tim Lee's right that such behavior need not be inherently anti-social. Sometimes it's easy to whip out a smartphone while your date powders her nose, or while you're waiting in line for cocktails. And also as Lee says, having an online record of funny or trenchant comments can actually make the experience richer.

I fear, though, that our wedding may out-nerd #McSudleman in at least one tiny way: we have a liveblogger lined up. This sort of started as a joke. Pnin made up a spreadsheet of all of the wedding guests that left one column for "Role." I dutifully filed in the blanks for bridesmaids and what have you and then started making up fake roles for everyone else, like "Defender of Civil Rights" or "In Charge of Products Liability Issues." (Yes, I know, I have too many lawyer friends.) I appointed M. Blackman the official "Digital and Social Media Coordinator" and then quickly sent him a Google Chat message to share this fact. Thus the liveblogging idea was born. Later on, we agreed that Josh would also try to livestream a video of the ceremony on the Internet so that Pnin's grandparents could more easily follow along. Who knows who else would actually do the same, but I guess I'm happy to try to please the curious.

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