Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miscellany -- conservatism and higher ed edition

1. Dartmouth offers a good return on one's investment. But perhaps leading a life of consequence is priceless, or at least some members of my household might so claim.

2. Interesting post about intellectuals and the conservative movement.

3. Sigh. I suppose it is interesting and possibly worthy of discussion that Elena Kagan wrote about the work of Werner Sombart, German Marxist turned Nazi. Yes, of course it would be bad and embarrassing if she sympathized with his ideas. But agreeing with Sombart that it's interesting that socialism never took hold in the United States does not seem especially strange or embarrassing. Indeed, I can see why libertarians and conservatives might wonder about the same thing, so that we can prevent socialism from taking root here. It's possible that there are other quotes in the thesis that are more damning -- but then why publish this one? See also.

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