Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yay for the small footed

For everyone's "shortness overanalyzed" files: evidence that women with small feet are more attractive to men than those who are not. Inasmuch as shortness and small feet are highly correlated, yay.

I confess I have always been insecure about how small my feet are, largely because two of the socialite girls with whom I went to high school had exceptionally large feet and often claimed loudly and publicly that this was because doing lots of athletic activities makes one's feet larger. My lack of athleticism made for enough painful moments. Did it have to doom me to a life of not being able to find appropriate sub-size-six shoe options as well? If having small feet is correlated with other pleasant things, though, well, that's some measure of comfort.

On that note, now to look for wedding shoes that in an appropriate size on the Internet. Suggestions warmly welcomed.

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  1. As I understand it, atypically large feet are often caused by going barefoot a great deal. Back in the day, for instance, Ghurka recruits often had to be issued enormous boots by the Brits because their feet were swollen, muscular, and/or calloused to an amazing degree. Which you will get walking around the Himalaya barefoot. After several months their feet actually got much smaller.

    My response to such a claim would have been, "Are you a barefoot runner? Or did you just not have good shoes when you were younger?"