Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am apparently neither interesting nor happy

....or perhaps suspiciously both. My score is zero on the nose. I would've predicted interesting rather than happy, but who knows.

Though some of the questions are confusing. What if I have some fat friends and some thin ones, and most somewhere in between? I said yes anyway, but I'm not sure if that's right. Also, I'm not sure how harsh I'm supposed to be in judging people fat... is the boundary line something like 25 BMI, the government sanctioned boundary for overweight, even if many people at that weight look average-ish rather than fat? Or should it be something like 30?

Also: I have several close friends who are Jews. I have a few Facebook acquaintances who are Muslims and born-again Christians, but no close friends. Do the latter count? I didn't count them.

I went to a therapist precisely once at Dartmouth. I gave up because it didn't seem helpful...

Are there $70 eyebrows to be had anywhere in D.C.? Most of the nice salons that I'm aware of price waxes in the $25 to $30 range.

I have never tried on $200 jeans, but that's because I don't care about jeans that much. Expensive dresses or shoes, however, are a whole other story.

ETA: I'm also not sure that "interesting" and "maximizer in all facets of one's life" line up as neatly as Trunk seems to imply. I've never found people who are interested in maximizing their physical appearances -- the trait which the eyebrows, fat friends, and jeans questions seem to be getting at -- to be especially interesting. The girl who tells you within five minutes of meeting you at a law school happy hour that she only drinks rum and Diet Cokes because this is the mixed drink with the fewest calories is usually not going to be the most interesting person in your section. The time that it takes to accumulate facts like that is time spent away from accumulating the more esoteric knowledge that I, at least, find more interesting.

It's possible that there are people who are such strong maximizers that they can achieve perfect eyebrows and bodies AND also have time to become fantastically well-read about everything under the sun, Tyler Cowen fashion. I just haven't met too many of them. Opportunity costs matter for even the most hard core maximizers. Most of the really interesting maximizer types I know are more... focused.

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  1. Threading is better for brows and cheaper to boot.

    I got a -3, but I strive to be happy, not interesting. Ideally, you should accidentally become interesting through the pursuit of doing things that make you happy.