Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Color Purple

Is it me, or has deep purple become the it color of the fall/winter season? If yes, it's disappointing. Not because there's anything wrong with this color -- I tried on the sweater that I just linked to, and it's lovely -- but because this shade was apparently also the it color in the fall of 1957, when my mother started seventh grade. One of her older sisters took her to a local fashionable department store and bought her a number of sweaters and skirts in that color. She was all excited to start classes in such stylish clothes, especially since she came from a poor family. Turns out that her sister had charged every single one of the purple colors to their impoverished artist father, who exploded when he saw the bills. Much to her shame and disappointment, she had to return everything.

Note that I heard this story approximately fifty-five times growing up. My mother apparently considered it a vital turning point in her sister's fall from grace from the Archerist virtues. Anyway, I know it's ridiculous, but I'll probably wind up sitting out the purple trend because of it. The associations are too great.

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