Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shakespeare Festival

"...And then I congratulated the young actress for pronouncing the difficult word 'cursatorily,' which sounds like a word that was made up by Sarah Palin."

Pause. "Shakespeare and Sarah Palin have two things in common. One, they both tend to make up words. Two, half the country can't understand what the other half of the country thinks is so great about them."

-- Peter Saccio, the recently retired Leon Black Professor of Shakespeare at Dartmouth College

Pnin and I are at a Shakespeare festival in Staunton, Virginia. The Dartmouth alumni folks are paying Prof. Saccio to come here and give lectures pre and post each play. We're also staying at a nice hotel on a group rate, courtesy again of the alumni office. While it has been delightful so far, note that Othello is probably not the best choice of play to watch together as newlyweds.

Note that we are both skipping the sanity rally. I'm against restoring sanity. My comparative advantage at dealing with insanity is too great. I want to continue to extract rents from it, please.

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