Monday, November 15, 2010

Brief facts and stats on married life

Pnin and I have been married for 51 days.

Since then, I have been carded twice. Once at my younger cousin's wedding, the second time at our own post-wedding reception. The bartender seemed somewhat embarrassed when he realized that I was the (presumably non-child) bride being honored. I am not sure exactly how many times total I have tried to procure alcohol in the last 51 days, but I think that that was two out of five occasions. The other three involved buying wine at Whole Foods in Arlington, ordering a beer at Harry's Tap Room, and taking a glass of wine from a bottle ordered by the table at a work dinner.

Pnin's dental hygienist also asked him on Day 33 of the marriage if I am pregnant yet. He explained that she is Russian and speaks to him in Russian, and that Russians tend to be more blunt about this sort of thing than are Americans.

I feel like this juxtaposition expresses something profound, but I am not sure what it is.

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