Saturday, November 13, 2010


1. Nancy Pelosi is actually right that the world would be better if people who want to become photographers, artists or writers could more easily leave their day jobs without having to worry about buying health insurance. Contra Ms. Iannone, though, this same goal could also be accomplished by ending tax breaks to employers who give their employees health insurance. Libertarians have been saying as much for years. True, some of us may feel more spiritual kinship with people who want to leave conventional employment for non-artsy pursuits, but the point still stands.

2. An interesting essay on doubt.

3. Against National Greatness Conservatism, Part XVIII.

4. I should probably write something longer about this. But in the meantime, let me note that I suspect the author's right that most of the hostility directed at the right on elite campuses is directed at social conservatives rather than libertarians and that this all is kind of tribal and aesthetic. N.b. that *most* -/- all, and I did occasionally hear unpleasantness directed at libertarians when I was in such schools. But I think I had an easier time than did true believer social conservatives.

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