Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Columbia Eminent Domain Case

I mostly liked Megan McArdle's post on the Columbia eminent domain case. But I'll take issue with the statement, "I don't understand why this is an issue that only fires up libertarians." Three amici filed in support of cert in the Columbia case. While two are combinations of libertarian-leaning organizations, the third is a Democratic New York State Senator, who is not especially otherwise libertarian so far as I know.

An even more ideologically diverse coalition came together against eminent domain abuse in the Kelo case. It included the NAACP and AARP. Prominent liberal politicians including Maxine Waters, Ralph Nader, and Bill Clinton also weighed in after the decision came down and condemned the result.

It's not often that the rest of the world seems eager to join forces with libertarians. Eminent domain abuse is one exception. Let us bask in the sunshine and enjoy it.

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