Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unabashed Materialism -- 2010 Christmas Wish List

Because other humans actually found last year's list useful, pls. allow me to leave aside pontificating abou education and compose a wish list of Christmas gifts.

1. I have been staring lustfully at this bag on the Internet for about two or three months. The difficulty is that, as humans who already know me in real life know, I have an established weakness for colorful bags and thus already have several that are fairly nice. But I found aqua ballet on Gilt that were relatively cheap that would match this one, I howl in protest!

There is also the separate problem that apparently colorful accessories tend to make one look younger than one really is, a problem that I have faced before. Oh well. At least I haven't been carded for an R-rated movie since I was 24.

2. Relatedly, I am developing a weakness for darling polka-dotted accessories. NIce accessories are a good cure for many things, including the stresses of packing that I hate.

3. Absurdly overpriced yoga pants. Again, these would never help me honor any gods of frugality, but they are ever so super comfortable. I've never tried anything else from the line, but I would bet same.

4. I've been listening to some of the Teaching Company courses on my beloved i-phone Helvidius when I walk to work in the mornings. Pnin and I have listened to others in the car. Right now I've been enjoying the History of Western Music one, and I have been eagerly waiting for the podcast version of the Opera class to go on sale. So far, no luck.

5. Gift certificates covering all or in part nice facials or massages are always appreciated.

6. Not sure where to look for replacements, but nice makeup brushes would probably be good. Mine are starting to show age.

7. In general, nice earrings are a good idea. I have one pair of pearls that I wear nearly everywhere. They're beautiful and classic. But variation (at least in principle) might be good.

Lovely things that are lower on my list at this point: though some may have thought it impossible, I have found a way to in part abate my cravings for books and kitchen gadgets. That's right, marrying a law professor has had the wonderful effect of getting me thousands of books for free. And lots of lovely kitchen gadgets have come in from friends and family, too. So I'm actually feeling fairly well satiated on both those fronts.

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