Saturday, January 22, 2011

Notes on fashion

So I have not actually bought this skirt, given that Banana Republic appears to send me coupons every five minutes for some sale or other, and I happened to be in their store today during one of the four-minute stretches in between the coupons. Note that there is a nude color also in the store, as well as the silver one, and I will have to decide which one is more practical, or else be non-frugal and opt for both. Note also that, contrary to how it looks on the model, the skirt hits just above the knee on your humble 5'0 correspondent.

Also, I have spent years trying to find the perfect white eyelet skirt.* This comes about as close to the Platonic ideal mounted on my brain as I'm likely to come in this world, although I do blush at the price. So it, too, will have to wait for another day.

One of the more vexing things about the shortness of culturally appropriate windows of opportunity is that this means long social seasons of spring weddings for your loyal correspondent while all of her friends scurry to settle down right before hitting 30. On the one hand, this could be fun, because it means an excuse to buy lots of cute dresses. Take this one, which is lovely, but which alas Nordstrom did not have in my size.

Oh, and for those of you who simply must have some political and intellectual heft in your fashion blog posts, go read Matthew Yglesias sneaker tariffs post, which is quite good.

*I also have far too much mental energy invested into trying to find the perfect black cardigan. I did have an excellent one for a while between about 1999 and 2005, but all future successors have been too itchy or too floppy. The quest continues.


  1. That Milly dress is adorable! Neiman Marcus also carries their stuff, if you feel like making the trip to Tyson's Galleria.

  2. My bat mitzvah dress was, this has reminded me, white eyelet, and I guess my tastes haven't much changed since, because I'd say go for that one.

  3. If you want to wear what you want to wear, for any reason...and have the money to buy what you want to wear...and the fashion industry the freedom, capital and money to create new, wonderful fashions for you to wear....then you need to read and understand the necessity of Government getting out of our lives, out of our pockets, and out of "controlling" everything we do, see, eat, wear, or hear. This Obama Thug Government will control what you wear....sooner or later. They already are attempting to control the Internet, TV, Radio, Education, all Industry, what Doctors you see, your Health Care, your Banks...and the entire economy. Everyone who loves Fashion needs to read and understand the morality of Ayn Rand's Objectivism...that each of us is Free...we do not belong to the state, and all redistribution of wealth is just THEFT.