Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Could there be a Hominoid Rights Commission?

Why I make a terrible Burkean conservative, chapter 917: I read this article on whether we should clone Neanderthals and thought immediately, "Ooooh, yes! And could I have one to play with?"

I've long found ancient hominoid life fascinating. It's struck me as absolutely wondrous and amazing that humans co-existed with another form of hominoids who were like us, and yet not. There's part of me that wishes I had another career to sink into studying the evolution of humans. As it is, I just content myself with wandering around D.C.'s Museum of Natural History once in a while and marveling at all the exhibits on ancient life.

There's also a fun legal discussion near the end of the article. There was a story that circulated around my law school about an arch-gunner who raised his hand on the first day of Con Law I to ask if the "We the People" clause in the Constitution covered cyborgs. An interesting inquiry, yes... but perhaps not the best one to bring up in an 80 person class, especially if it appears that the professor was more interested in focusing the group on other topics. Note that these issues may alternatively be covered in a one on one colloquy after class, or perhaps during office hours. Law school applicants, take note.

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