Tuesday, August 3, 2010


1)n=1, but changing surname upon marriage. Mostly because my real last name is significantly, significantly uglier than Archer, and Pnin's has the virtue of being much easier to spell and pronounce. I might feel differently if I were a journalist or otherwise relied heavily on self-promotion for my livelihood. But as things stand, I don't.

2)Cool idea, although I agree that th lack of liberal works is problematic. I'm the wrong person to try to help them with this. But I'd welcome suggestions from someone who is.

3)Not that this happens often, but I agree with Ann Althouse. Fwiw, my score was close to Dr. Helen's, but I'm not sure that this means anything, as I'm unable to self-assess accurately on most of the questions. Like, I have no idea if my chin is too big or too small or the right size or not. I think I knew when I was fifteen, but then high school and algebra homework started happening, and I forgot.

4)Mitch Daniels doesn't like atheists. Too bad; I kind of liked him based on his reading habits.

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