Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In defense of pie

This writer is wrong, wrong, wrong. Gloppiness of the sort that he describes is not a necessary bug of pie as a food. See generally the Cooks Illustrated website for advice on how to avoid such problems. Most foods can be made badly, and so it makes little sense to judge them adversely based on how bad a dish is at its worst. The writer also overlooks the awesomeness of chiffony sweet pies that are not fruit-centered; see, e.g., the Cook's Illustrated recipe for grasshopper pie. The French silk chocolate pie also looks equally splendid, although I've yet to try it. It has even occurred to me that silky chiffon pies ought to be the next cupcake trend, although I have it on good authority that macaroons are more likely to be the next cupcake. Second, the pointed criticism of savory pies is odd -- empanadas, done well, are among the most amazing foods there is. Chicken pot pie is equally excellent.

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