Sunday, June 12, 2011


Back from a really dear friend's graduation party in Rochester, New York this weekend. It was a wonderful time, but I'm feeling a bit scatter-brained and exhausted after seven hours' drive. Perhaps more substantive posting to follow. In the meantime...

1. A very good sentence, from Robin Hanson: "We often give and consume advice more to affirm our ideals than to usefully improve decisions."

2. Actually, I prefer reading Hayek on the beach. Indeed, reading this reminded me of nothing so much that somewhere in the world there is a photo of me with two other Koch interns in swimsuits, posing with copies of The Constitution of Liberty. This is because we had a day off from work and decided to hang out together at the Volta Park Outdoor Pool while bringing along one of our reading assignments. While I suspected at the time that this thing was sufficient to render me non-confirmable as a Supreme Court justice, I figured my LSAT score and ideologically lunatic views were bigger obstacles.

3. Dear people who were referred to this blog from Google searching for "Richard Epstein god": yes, he is pretty amazing and awesome. Still, much as I love him, I'm not sure that anyone should be referring to him as a deity just yet.

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