Friday, April 30, 2010

Harvard e-mail controversy follow-up post

So, various loose ends on the Harvard e-mail controversy: the e-mailer is out. Her name is apparently Stephanie Grace. Her judge is Alex Kozinski. ( I'd envy her, but I fear I don't have the necessary work ethic to be a successful Kozinski clerk.) He's one of the most avidly pro-free speech judges on the federal bench, so earlier fears that she might lose her clerkship over this current flap are probably unfounded.

There was also a statement from the Dean, which reminds me of nothing so much as old and not-that-witty LiveJournal threads from 2005 proposing a "community" and "diversity" drinking game. Note also the somewhat strange sounding Ogletree "heart to heart."

And then there was this Feministe post. To which Amber has it right: yes, intellectualized discussion is not the enemy. (And incidentally, thanks to both her and Phoebe for links to my original post on the topic.)

Also, what Eugene Volokh said.

Re: Volokh's "On a Bus in Kiev" post -- my original post contained a line after "Preferably in whispers" to the effect of "And this is what my grandfather left Soviet era Ukraine for?" I deleted it. There's no state action going on here. Talking about Kerry Howley-esque "culture of freedom" arguments is difficult and controversial. Etc. Plus I feared looking intemperate. But Eugene Volokh has put this argument out there, so... so be it.

But side note: I wonder what percentage of the hard line libertarians out there grew up in Soviet Russia, or have close relatives who did? There's of course my Pnin and me, but also a good number of his co-bloggers, Cathy Young, the Other Ilya. It's got to be extraordinarily high, even just going off of my personal experience. It's also perhaps regrettable that we aren't better at exogamy. Don't follow my example here, people!

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