Sunday, April 4, 2010

Notes on wedding planning

This is what I do with my precious spare time, apparently, rather than blog. So in no particular order:

1. First, there was the selection of registry items. This duty apparently falls almost entirely to me, as Pnin assures me that he does not care. It's extremely odd to pick out china, silver and fancy cooking toys with regard mainly to quality and not price. It feels like no kind of shopping I've ever done before, except possibly for shopping for educational institutions. This, alone, says much about my life as a status-income disequilibrium baby.

2. Second, there was the bridal magazine that advised naming tables at the reception after the couple's favorite books. This suggestion initially sounded kind of cool, except upon actual reflection, it isn't. At best, many of the obvious options are just kind of silly -- which of your friends are you really going to seat at Anarchy, State and Utopia? At worst, there are the choices that actually have the potential to offend. Our most socialist friends could sit at The Road to Serfdom! The conservative and libertarian civil rights people could all be at Pride and Prejudice! Does Vanity Fair work best as the table for a)our most attractive friends; b)Harvard grads; or c)legal academics?

3. I'm discovering that I have the world's lowest discount rate.

4. For about the 3,502nd time, I am wondering if I really have a second X chronosome. Not in the sense that I have Turner's syndrome -- though I am quite short, I do have an above average I.Q. -- but in the sense that I fear I am actually male, all hard biological evidence to the contrary.

5. I found a wedding etiquette book in my mother's house that advises that "business associates" of the bride may be invited, but only "if she's a career girl and will continue her work after the wedding."

6. Also, selecting readings for the ceremony. One possibility: the "Only when like marries like can there be any happiness" scene from Gone With the Wind. Also "O Tell Me The Truth About Love" by Auden and Shakespeare's 116th sonnet.

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