Monday, April 5, 2010


1)A slight majority of the tea party movement is female. Of course, it's hard to define the scope of the tea party movement, and 55% is hardly a huge number. But it's still interesting, given that the tea partiers are often stereotyped as angry white men.

To be clear; I don't know what I think about the tea partiers. I'm with them insofar as having generally pro-limited government sympathies, though I'm not especially drawn to the populist tone of their movement. I'd love to read a long magazine piece by some well-respected centrist writer with an impeccable reputation for fair-mindedness who just followed a bunch of tea partiers around for a few months. Something New York Times magazine-ish.

2)While I'm clearing out my list of starred items from Google Reader: So this explains how I wound up in the public sector. One potential flaw: there's only a loose correlation between attractiveness in a paper facebook picture and attractiveness in real life. I feel ancient admitting that I remember the paper facebook era in undergrad, but...

3)Corporate diversity training does not actually seem to work.

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  1. I have absolutely no doubt that this is NOT the reason why you are in the public sector, since you are vastly more attractive than nearly all the private sector lawyers I know:).