Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Optometrists/opthamologists in the D.C. area?

There is probably a heavy overlap between the people who read this thing and the people who read my Facebook page, but I'll ask here again anyway.

I am nearly out of contact lenses. As in, have one pair that I am wearing now. I've been getting them from my doctor in my hometown in Pennsylvania. But it is impractical to keep going to see doctors who are based there, especially since I intend to stay in D.C. unless Pnin gets some kind of lavish lateral offer.

I found an optometrist based in D.C. by internet search. Various factors -- my realizing I'd left my glasses case on my desk five minutes into my walk to the Metro, the slowest train ever being in front of mine, and the office not being easy to find -- conspired to make me about ten minutes late. I was raised by a German father and spent five years in a German Moravian high school, so I do understand well that yes, this is deeply obnoxious and perhaps even unforgivable.

When I got there, the doctor informed me rather curtly that he did not have time to see me. He informed me that he blocks out only 20 minutes per patient, and he would have to rush too much because of my lateness. The receptionist apologized rather profusely for this, which led me to think "abrasive." Perhaps I am being unfair, though -- it's hard to tell.

I now have to wait until a week from tomorrow to see him again. I would prefer to be able to order new contacts before then, if possible. Though first guy does have a policy that he can charge me $50 for the missed appointment. So perhaps I should just gut it out and deal with him.

The relevant questions:

1)Was this unduly obnoxious of him?
2)Can anyone recommend an optometrist/opthamologist who is easier to see?

Oh, and before anyone asks: no, I can't just order contacts online. I've tried this before. Under some sort of Pennsylvania consumer protection law, my doctor there can't or won't release the prescription unless I have seen someone in his office within the last 12 months. It's been about 13.5 since I've seen him, so that won't work.

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  1. It was unduly obnoxious of him to be a jerk about it, but it was not obnoxious of him to refuse to see you and throw off his schedule. The rest of his patients should not have to delay their own appointments because you were late.

    If next time you show up and *he* is late and offers not a word of explanation or apology, then strike the above and simply have him whacked.