Sunday, January 3, 2010

Very good sentences

I am not sure I would be this kind (See generally Amity Shlaes, The Forgotten Man (2008)):

"Hoover is one of the tragic figures of modern times. No one illustrated better Tacitus's verdict on Galba, omnium consensu capax imperii nisi imperasset(by general consent fit to rule, had he not ruled).

- Paul Johnson, Modern Times

Sorry for the repeated Paul Johnson quotes. I am only on p. 241 out of 736 (there's more, but all index and footnotes), so they may continue for a while. Also, Pnin is grading, and it's too windy in D.C. for me to feel like going outside. So I'm resigned to prodigious Earl Grey consumption and reading a 700 page book that I've wanted to read for awhile, but would not have time to make a dent in were it not for the long weekend/my better half being resigned to his large piles of exams. Not, however, that any of the above is entirely bad.

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