Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unified field theory for annoying populists

State that the current "man-cession" (a coinage which does dishonor to portmanteaux everywhere) is a reason to replace free trade with "fair trade" to protect American men from "unfair competition." Okay, I am perhaps being overly harsh, since there were some other parts of this article that did not make me want to throw knives at people.* Wilcox does concede that it is okay for women to work outside the home, after all.

Pnin, who is nicer than I am, says that I should avoid the use of snark if I actually want to persuade people to think what I do. He may have a point. Rather than attempt to explain why free trade is good, man-cession or man crisis aside, I refer those who are curious to Alan Blinder's excellent essay on the topic.

*In high school, I was once told I could not quip in essays about some pet peeve making me want to throw knives at people because, post-Columbine, lots of serious people were very concerned about Violence In The Schools. Now that I am no longer near any schools on a regular basis, I plan to take delight in using it with abandon.

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