Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sotu (ii) -- reactions

10:25: Krauthammer: "strained and unctuous." "feel pain," channeling of Clintonism. Where is Kenneth Anderson to talk about therapy and the overclass, when you need him? Washington = seven times, as pejorative.

10:26: McDonnell, my governor, is doing the Republican response. Interesting choice.

10:28: Ilya: "My boss!"

10:29: Ilya: Scott Brown instead? Me: that would be glibly triumphalist.

10:30: A.B. Stoddard of The Hill, whoever she is -- shallow optimism? Ilya -- it's his job. You're supposed to be optimistic! Saying "things really suck" is impolitic.

Steve Hayes: no pivot centerward. Comprehensive climate legislation. Seriously? Ditto health care.

10:32: Ilya: this speech was missing a "drill, baby, drill."

10:33: Ilya: who are these people in the VA State House? Me: People cooler than us. Ilya: They don't look cool.

McDonnell's twin boys are fraternal. No?

Ilya: If you can avoid saying anything about how women should stay at home, I'll be happy.

McDonnell: meaningful work, dignity that comes with it. Am getting distracted, thinking of IJ right to work cases.

10:34: McDonnell has blue tie, Obama red. Did they plan the color reversal?

Ilya: there's an ethnically balanced group of people sitting behind him. Also, woman, and military dude.

10:35: Jefferson quote. Ilya: hear, hear!

10:36: Ilya: would that Republicans meant it about limited government a few years ago. Yes. Me too. Me too.

10:37: I don't want cooperation. But the VA State House building is nice.

Buy health insurance across state lines! YAY!

10:38: Why do we have to be energy independent, Ilya? Ilya: we don't.

10:40: choices, charter schools, all to the good.

10:41: commends daughter for military leadership. This is good, esp. given his earlier remarks about women.

Scott Brown reference.

10:42: "equal opportunity."

10:43: Me: "Republicans are so palatable when they're in opposition." Ilya: also, there are good Jefferson quotes. Would that they had ruled by these principles for the past eight years.

There is a Scripture quote, just so that the two of us don't sleep TOO easy.

10:45: liberty, property, and "innocent life." Me: just so that I don't find Republicans too palatable. Ilya: well, that was sufficiently oblique that it would appease the faithful, without a lot of people getting it.


10:47: Yes. Better than Jindal.

10:49: Juan Williams: McDonnell = pragmatist, someone who can find common ground. Yes, I agree.

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