Saturday, January 2, 2010

Very good sentences

"Of course underlying and reinforcing the paranoia was the belief that Weimar culture was inspired and controlled by Jews. Indeed, was not the entire regime a Judenrepublik? There was very little basis for this last doxology, resting as it did on the contradictory theories that Jews dominated both Bolshevism and the international capitalist network."

-- Paul Johnson, Modern Times

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  1. But doxologies don't need a basis. That is why they are doxologies. As for being contradictory, shucks, what's the point on being on the Left then (and now) if you can't believe six contradictory things before breakfast?

    What's curious is that I've been rereading MODERN TIMES, and I read the sentences you quoted about two hours before I came across them again.

    Gregory Koster